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Homiu Reusable Silicone Bags

by Homiu
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  • Reusable and super versatile, you’ll be able to use these bags time and time again, which also works to help the environment
  • Multi-functional from the fridge to the cupboard and even the microwave, you can store multiple foods inside these bags
  • Are you always a little stuck when it comes to measurement conversions? Luckily these bags feature a measurement scale for cups, millilitres and ounces on the side
  • If you’re looking to get the best results out of your reusable bags, give them a little soak in salt water for 24 hours before using
  • If you press the base of the bag outwards this will put them in a standing position, perfect for if you’re adding liquids. But be sure to align the arrows when resealing. For a more efficient use brush oil or water along the ridges too

Technical Details



Handy Helper

If you always find yourself cooking a little too, having a stash of these close by is sure to come in handy.

Perfect for leftovers, these temperature resistant bags can be placed into the fridge or freezer, meaning no food will ever go to waste again. They’re also microwaveable, meaning you’ll be able to re-heat food without any worry.

Perfect if you like to batch cook for the week ahead these are great for taking to work or on long journeys, as they’ll keep your food fresh and safe until you’re ready to eat.

Forever Helpful

Made from hard-wearing and durable silicone, these are sure to outlast any food storage bags you’ve had before. Dishwasher safe, you’ll be able to wash them after every use ready for the next batch of food.

Great for the environment, you’ll be able to store everything from sandwiches and soup to meat and sauces time and time again.

You’ll even find a measuring guide on the side, so whether you’re working in millilitres, ounces or cups it won’t matter as the bag will be there to help you out.