Homiu Stainless Steel Pitcher 1.8L

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1.8L capacity
Made from sturdy stainless steel
Features practical ice guard
Also available in 1.4L capacity

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Hard-wearing – Made from a sturdy stainless steel that’ll ensure it stands the test of time.
Stylish Additions
Whether it’s your indoor, outdoor or even side table, the sleek design in contemporary
silver creates the perfect piece of serviceware.
Practical Throughout – Featuring a built-in stopper, this will allow you to add ice or fruit that’ll remain within the
jug as you pour.
Stay Hydrated – Thanks to its large 1.8L capacity you’ll be able to keep yourself refreshed for longer.
Party perfect – The ideal addition to the table top, this is perfect for keeping everyone hydrated at family
meals and fancy dinner parties alike.

Kit out your kitchen with all those fabulous accessories designed to take your dinner parties
to a whole new level.
This Homiu water pitcher is the item you’ve been looking for, bringing sensational style and
modern practicality to something as simple as pouring yourself a glass of refreshing water.
Contemporary Style – Banish those old glass jugs to the back of your kitchen cupboard when you have one of
these, which you’ll be happy to give pride of place at any table setting.

Perfecting for buying in sets of two, these will make a stand-out finishing piece for dinner
parties, garden soirees and mid-week family meals.
Made from hard-wearing stainless steel, these are ideal for using both indoors and out.
Sporting a glistening mirror finish, these water pitchers come in a sleek and contemporary
silver design, meaning they’ll blend into all decors; even as times continue to change.

Designed to keep everyone around the table or at the event well-watered as the evening
progresses, the 1.8L capacity makes sure there’s plenty to go around.
Perfect for serving between four and six people at a time, just fill it with water, place it on
the table and let everyone help themselves – just make sure you remember to keep the
pitcher filled.

Perfectly Practical – Although you don’t have to just fill it with water, ice tea, juices and a whole host of other
beverages are also welcome. But what makes it even better is its built-in filter.
Designed so you can fill the jug with ice to keep the contents cold, or even fruit if you want
to breathe a little life into your water, there’s no worry of any of it falling into the glass as
it’s designed to be held within.
A simple device with layers of style and practicality, this water pitcher will make a fantastic
addition to your kitchen counter or table.


Helping you to add a touch of luxury to your day, transform your home with Homiu!


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