Homiu Oil & Vinegar Dispenser

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  • Homiu Set of 2 spray bottles featuring durable, impact resistance crystal clear glass bottles complementing the high grade premium stainless steel matte finish lids. Elegant and sleek using professional food grade high quality materials
  • Stylish design using clear see through glass bottles clearly distinguishing your choice of liquid. 
  • Multi-purpose uses. It is great for salads, breads, baking or cooking. 
  • Easy to use and clean simple pumping action that produces a fine mist, helps to control the amount of olive oil used in cooking .Oil pump sprayer is made up of stainless steel and glass, making it faster and easier to clean.
  • The stainless steel tops add to the durability of the dispenser design and makes them an attractive addition to any table

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Typically, we use more oil than we need when cooking. This bottle sprayer allows you to control your portions much more effectively, cook with less oil and still enjoy the same delicious flavours! There’s even a special sort of science that goes into a salad dressing oil and vinegar for a perfect flavour. Apply too little and your salad will be dry and unappetizing. Get too much and it’s a soggy mess. So whether you need to coat a frying pan with olive oil, or spray chicken with oil before roasting, sautéing, grilling or simply looking to infuse flavour into your favourite pasta dish, breads, vegetables, meats and poultry- your results will be super healthy and incredibly tasty. Fantastic for seasoning salads with dressings or vinegars. With its controlled spraying action and the fine mist it produces, it’s ideal for people who like to know exactly how many calories and oils, dressings they’re consuming or even those trying to avoid excess waste. Why not lightly coat some chicken breasts with chilli oil before grilling? Just pump lid to pressurise and spray away!

What makes the HOMIU spray bottles the best?

Modern Design The easy to use grilling oil sprayer can direct spray or mist olive oil onto grilling surfaces to prevent sticking. Perfect size and easy to carry. Transparent glass bottle clearly distinguishing all kinds of spices so you don’t grab the wrong flavour or contaminate your oils and vinegars with chemical additives.

Smart Design multi-function and really versatile! Can be loaded with oil, vinegar, water, wine and so on. Put your choice of oil into the bottle, controlling the amount you choose to spray evenly. The easy to use sprayer can direct spray or mist spray onto grilling surfaces to prevent sticking or on foods and salads to infuse extras boosts of flavour!

Product Features Nozzle design- focus nozzle, completely leak-proof sprayers has an improved nozzle making it more uniform in spraying, a light press can spray mist liquid, strictly controlling the intake. The sprayer gives salads and food just the right amount of flavour without excess calories and too much waste. Clever glass design so no need for labelling or flavour confusion.

Handwash with care, grease seal mouth and seal cap design, easy to remove and easy to clean.

High-quality stainless steel- strong and sturdy with lead-free glass bottles that won’t do harm to human’s health. Sturdy, rust free and durable this product will exceed your highest expectations! Material is health and safety.

How to Use:

  • Fill the Sprayer with your favourite liquid flavouring
  • Tighten the nozzle
  • Press the head of the sprayer to spray

Additional Benefits

– Tall design
– Dimensions: 4cm x 18 cm
– Push-button use
– Illuminated
– One-hand use
– High quality and durable


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