Homiu Water Bottle with cooling Mist spray 600ml

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    • Homiu Misting and Drinking It is a Homiu misting and drinking bottle. There is a button that when pressed will spray water from a straw on the cap. Misting is great for gently cooling face and cleaning hands. It can also be used as a drinking bottle from either the small hole, or remove the cap for a larger mouth cup.
    • Durable property it can stand wear and tear. Due to the plastic material if dropped it will not break unlike many glass bottles which if dropped break instantly. 
    • Ideal facility the shape makes it easy to hold. You can take this bottle everywhere, road, park, gym, home or office. 600ml, a good water bottle size that is keeping for Short-distance cyclists water intake up. It also contains measurement guide which wish to be used during outdoor sport gym activities. The cap on the bottle will never fall to the ground, which ensures that the water is leak-proof and dust-free.
    • Suitable for water to quench your thirst, cooling spray, very suitable for students, office workers, sportsmen, outdoor people, groups long-term driving, the fatigue of the driver.
    • Products Capacity: 600ml (20oz) / Size: 26*7cm / Weight:157g / Green Cover

    Must-have Item for Outdoor: This cooling bottle not only can solve thirst but also make you enjoying the feeling of rapid cooling after exercise when covered with sweat. A wonderful tool for outdoors. Sport special bottle: Special design for sports people. Own spray feature, you can spray your post-exercise body, to achieve the cooling effect. A sport bottle two purposes, to solve your thirst while allowing you to enjoy a refreshing feeling covered in sweat rapid cooling after exercise! Notice: Please do not use the water bottle on the carbonated drinks, tea and other solid substance containing Liquid, or the straw will be blocked.

    Features Colour: Green Cover
    Height (with cap): 26cm
    Diameter: 7cm
    Product Capacity: 600ml/20ounces
    Product Weight: 157g
    Package included:
    1 x Sports water Bottle

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