Homiu Electronic Salt & Pepper Mill Set with Adjustable Grinder

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Do you find it difficult to grind spices and ingredients manually? Want a fully automatic spice grinder?
Well, search no more! Homiu Electronic Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Mill Set with Adjustable Grinder is here for you!

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Homiu Electronic Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Mill Set with Adjustable Grinder is a one stop solution
for a variety of your culinary applications.

✓ Adds consistency: Seasoning and garnishing your foods is made easy with this mill.
✓ High quality: made from superior quality stainless steel that enhances its life.
✓ Contemporary style: Say good-bye to your old traditional wooden manual pepper mill and add a
touch of grace to your kitchen with this fully automatic tall pepper mill and grinder.
✓ Versatile utility: Perfect to use with varieties of peppercorn, rock salt, sea salt, dried herbs and
spices making it compatible for wide range of culinary applications.
✓ Fully Automatic: Contains an electronic mechanism which is completely automatic and works at the
push of a button with 4 AA batteries (each).
✓ Easy and comfortable to use: Can be used even with one hand.
✓ Adjustable grinding: Fully adjustable grinding from course to fine particles.
✓ Safe: Tall mills have an illuminated base which lights up when the grinder is in use ensuring extra
safety and comfort while using.
✓ Easy to clean and refill: Grinder comes apart with a simple twist. Powered motorized grinding
mechanism which is very easy to clean and the dispensers can be easily refilled.

Additional Benefits

– Fully automatic
– Tall design
– Dimensions: 228mm x 50mm x 50mm
– Push-button use
– Illuminated base
– One-hand use
– High quality and durable
– Supports 4 AA batteries

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