Homiu Electric Protein Mixer, Blender Automatic Movement Vortex Tornado 450ml Detachable into Cup Leak Proof / BPA Free

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Homiu electric protein mixer and blender helps you mix powder perfectly!

Do you find it hard to mix your protein shakes and other powders? Tired of spending hugemoney on shakers? Do not worry! Say no to clumpy protein shakes with our Homiu Electric protein mixer and blender which is the answer to all your queries.

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What makes our Homiu Electric Protein Mixer/blender the best?


This Homiu Portable Mixer is powered by 9000rpm motor. It tears through the thickest powders with ease. Your days of drinking clumpy protein and shaking cups up and down are over. Portable, Durable, Stainless Steel and Acrylic. The Portable mixer is BPA Free and Eco-Friendly Not just a powerful blender but, a 450ml/16oz drinks and water bottle. Move towards the recommended 75 to 150 ounces of water per day. And it only need 2 AAA batteries (batteries not included) This is the perfect mixer for bringing to the gym. Its size makes it portable yet still has the power to mix all of your supplements. Its portability allows you to enjoy your shakes right after your workout. Best part is now you don’t have to dread the clumps of protein powder in your post workout shakes. Great for athlete’s pre and post workout nutrition. Mixing instantly increases nutrient absorption


✓ Highly durable: Made of extremely strong and reliable stainless steel and acrylic.
✓ Multi-purpose: Its use is not limited to blending your supplements but you can use it as a water bottle too. Not only this, you can use it to turbo mix juices, baby food, cocktails, eggs and many more things in one go.
✓ Portable: Size of this blender makes it easy to carry it anywhere. You can carry it to your gym, sports meet or even at your office as a water bottle. It can store 450 ml/ 16 ozof water or any other drink.
✓ Very powerful: This Mixer is powered by 9000 rpm motor and it requires only 2 AAA batteries. Despite of its size, it holds the power to mix the thickest of the powders very easily.
✓ Easy To use: Push only one button and the mixer is at work! With its ‘Tornado Action’ it quickly mixes the ingredients in it.
✓ Hygienic and healthy: This blender helps you mix all the required proteins and other things. It provides excellent nutrient absorption through instant mixing. Your days of drinking clumsy protein and shaking cups are finished.
✓ Perfect gifting Material: It is the Best gift you can give to your gym freak friend as it is perfect for Pre and post workout nutrition. You can also gift it to any of your friends for smoothly mixing different ingredients.

Additional Benefits
–  Highly durable
–  Portable and convenient
–  Extraordinary for pre and post workout nutrition
–  Increases nutrients absorption
–  9000 rpm motor
–  Stylish and elegant protein Mixer.
–  Tight fit lid
–  Convenient snap-shut cap
–  BPA free
–  Reusable
–  Made With High Quality Stainless steel and acrylic


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