Homiu Manual Salt & Pepper Grinders Mill Set

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Are you worried about the authenticity of spices? Do you want to get rid of any metal contact while grinding? Here is the solution. Homiu Manual Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Grinders Mill 2 Pcs Sets are here for you!

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Homiu Manual Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Grinders Mill Set 2 Pcs helps you enjoy the complete flavour of the spices!

✓ High quality: Made from ceramic blade of high quality and stainless steel housing.
✓ Elegant: Classy design that looks perfect in the kitchen.
✓ Healthy and hygienic: Provides much healthier pepper and salt powder with zero metal contact.
✓ Ergonomic design for comfort: Easily grip the top, fill and simply grind it with your hands. Easy to use and grinds within seconds
✓ Completely adjustable: Try out different flavours with its adjustable fineness and achieve the desired coarseness in no time.
✓ Large capacity: Stainless steel housing with large volume that has a transparent acrylic panel for viewing.
✓ Multi-purpose: Perfectly suitable not only for salt grains and pepper corns, but also for coarse sugar and mung bean.
✓ Low cost of maintenance: As it is completely manual, it saves your bucks spent in batteries.

Additional Benefits
– Highly durable
– Metal free blade
– Adjustable fineness
– Compatible with different spices and ingredients,
– Ergonomic Design
– Practical use
– Large Size

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