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About Us

We are a creative bunch, enthusastic and passionate to create, develop and market exciting and refreshing new products and take great pride in our consumer base, loyal and affectionate to Homiu

Our products are often found in the home & kitchens of the elite but feel most at home in the kitchens where it can lend a hand...

There are various stages that a prospect product travels through, until it can be named a Homiu product. Among many, those include extensive research, rigorous testing, delicate designing and pristine packaging and handling

We are very careful with what we select to become a Homiu Product and only the very best of products will make their way through our system. Our brand has thus been the subject of much appreciation from our loyal fan and customer base who at Homiu, we see as our partners in growth.

Our founders are hands on with the companies growth and are committed to perfection, they will stop at nothing less!

Our product ranges are geared to be very engaging with consumers, we spend countless time effort and resourceful to ensuring that the products overall apparel as well as the packaging and instructions is as consumer friendly as possible, thus helping our consumer base to make the-right-choice and pick a Homiu product off the shelf or of course, Online!

Homiu products can be found across the globe from sunny San Francisco to cloudy Manchester and more. Our dedicated sales team is based in the UK as well as the USA and work tirelessly in expanding the Homiu map.

We are here to help and will be excited to answer your queries. Please feel free to get in touch today - We promise - We Won't bite!.